Twinhead Theatre: Entertaining Atlanta and Supporting Artists Worldwide
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Lulling Atlanta audiences into a false sense of security since 2003

Our mission:

We aid and abet self-producing artists while entertaining Atlanta with raw, adventurous content.

Live theatre

Twinhead Theatre produces and creates original productions as a collective, ranging from our long-running Loaded Guns sketch comedy series to full-length shows to one-night immersive theatrical experiences, including a pentecostal tent revival in a bar, the bloodiest dinner theatre ever, and whole musicals dedicated to sitting in cake. Coming up next: something F@**king insane!


We'll try anything at least once: we've produced a feature-length movie (Loaded Guns: the Movie, 2008), an original web series (Bad Manor, 2011), short video sketches, music videos, and content for multimedia sketch shows. Our brand new, bi-monthly Kamikaze Karaoke Video Contest allows us to support Atlanta filmmakers with a creative challenge and a cash prize, play a bunch of wacky games, and provide YOU with the weirdest, funniest karaoke videos you could hope for. You can find our Kamikaze videos on our YouTube page.

Atlanta Fringe Festival

Each year, the Fringe supports 20+ original shows, providing venues, technicians and house managers, ticketing, marketing, and more, easing the financial burden of theatrical production and allowing for total creative freedom. Twinhead is proud to bring the awesome Fringe tradition - enjoyed by 200+ cities and countries all over the world - to Atlanta since 2012.